Sunday, November 4, 2012

Internet Research offered as a Service

An interesting service to offer to clients is Internet Research.

You will search for information on the Internet for clients. The types of clients who would use this information can be people who offer course/training material and require course information. Authors who need research for books they write. Students need research on subjects that they do their Masters, MBA, and PhD degrees for. There are many other people who also require research.

A client will give you a subject that they need the research on and they will ask you to find specific data on that subject. My starting point when I do research is to start by doing a Google search on the topic/subject. Keep track of what you are doing; record the time you start to do your research and the time you finish. I normally take a few hours or more. Open a document and record everywhere you look, take a copy of the website URL address and place it in your document and if you find the information you need, you copy it into your document. If you find pdf information then you can usually send the pdf to your email address and then copy it into your document or forward it to your clients for their information. With doing Internet Research you have to sort of think like your client, get as much information as possible from them about what it is they really want, ask questions, show that you are interested in finding the information they require. I very rarely will spend under an hour doing research so therefore I charge my hourly rate when doing this; it can be charged in 15 to 20 minutes increments. Programs to record your information can be MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. It is very time consuming doing research, I normally will do a few hours, and then if I come up with nothing which does happen I take a break and then start again later. It is pointless going on if you are not finding the information you need, take a break and start again.

Student Research

When doing research for Students for degrees etc:

• Go into Google, press more, then press even more, then go into Scholar. This is where you will search for articles on the subjects that your student is writing their thesis/assignment/dissertation etc.

• Copy information you find into your word document also coping your website URL address.

• With student research and finding articles you must make sure you copy the article references as this will be used within their thesis/assignments etc. Some articles can be copied, some are available in pdf format, and you can send these to yourself and your student in email format. There is often always a link with pdf articles to send via email.

• Here is an example of the referencing that you must make sure you copy with any articles you take with your research.


This reference will be placed within their document text. Treux, D. (1996)

This reference will be placed in the reference listing: Treux, D. (1996). Qualitative research method panel: The merits of three qualitative research methods, discourse analysis. Georgia: Georgia State University.

This reference will be placed within their document text. Van der Reit, M. & Boetiger, M (2009)

This reference will be placed in the reference listing: Van der Reit, M. & Boettiger, M. (2009). Shifting research dynamics: Addressing power and maximising participation through participatory research techniques in participatory research. South African Journal of Psychology, 39(1):1-18.

Hope this is helpful.

Written 4th November © Copyright 2012 AMF Typing Services/Tavasa. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Q and A

Are you happy in your business to do subcontracting for a low rate?
Are you looking for clients and only getting the types of clients that want the lowest rates?
What type of clients are you drawing from your website, marketing and advertising?
Are you attracting the right type of clients?
Are your rates to low?
Are you getting any clients contacting you?
Do clients contact you from seeing your website?
After you submit your quote does the client contact you further? How many jobs do you pick up from quotes?

Subcontracting to other VAs your rates will always be low, you will get a percentage of the full price which is usually around 30%, is it worth your while to do this type of work and earn a low percentage of the full rate when you can do advertising, networking, marketing and get your own clients and charge them the full rate, can you make profits in your business doing this.
When you quote what is your gut feel when putting in that quote, do you think you will get that job, do you put in a competitive quote or do you quote the lowest rate for the job in hopes that the client will look for the lowerst rate and go for it. Is this the right way to do things?
Is your marketing content right for the types of clients that you wish to draw into your company, are clients seeing that you could be an asset to their company/s/businesses.
Do you know the types of clients that you would like to work for doing the type of work you enjoy doing.
If your rates are low, why are your rates low, if you are a new VA starting out you do not have to charge low rates, you are doing this job because you have the skill and experience to do the job, you are new to running your own business but your skills and experience go back through your career. So why offer low rates.
Is your advertising being seen by potential clients, ask clients where they found your details. Write good content that will pull the client towards you and not to the other VAs advertising around you. Try to make your content stand out from the crowd.
Your website is your advertising on the internet, it must look good it must draw the client to contact you further. Refresh your content regularly, change your look often, keep your site current and dont let it just sit there. How your website looks is very important, does it portray what you are doing, does it look inviting, do you feel if you were a client would you make further contact or will you just go and look at the next website.
Be careful when submitting quotes, dont go for the lowest rate, contact the client first, ask questions, show interest in what they want you to do, tell them how good you are, put in a competitive quote. Sell your skills and experience to the client, ask them why they are looking for quotes, ask why they want the lowest quote, ask them why they can't give you a go and use your services as you think you are better than the competition out there.

To be continued...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Lately I have been getting a lot of requests about partnering from other VAs and Transcription companies. These are some of the questions I would think to ask:

1. Why does the VA/Transcription Company want to partner with me?
2. What are the benefits for me and my company if I go into partnership with them?
3. Does the VA or Transcription Company have current and past clients?
4. Is the VA or Transcription Company working to full capacity or not?
5. How long have they been in business, what are their business ethics and values?
6. Is the company earning a profit? (If I am interested then I will want to look at your companies books to see your financial situation.)

Ask for company information re website, Facebook, Twitter, Linked in details etc. Check the company out, ask for a list of their current clients, speak to the client’s, and get a feel of the company. If the company has nothing to hide they will let you have access as they know partnering with you is very important and could be a benefit to them, you need to know about the company and its details. To partner with another company it has to be mutual beneficial for both companies. Partnering with another person or company is not easy; make sure that both companies are adequately covered with contracts and agreements. Know what each companies is doing at all times, have close communication. Partnerships are not easy, everyone needs to be on the same page with goals, missions and values and if this starts out shaking then it might not work. Both companies need to have full confidence in each other, there has to be trust and mutual respect. Make sure there are written procedures for you both to work from.
And lastly, make sure that a partnership is what you want and not just what the other company wants.

Friday, July 20, 2012

What is involved with offering Typing as a service?

Can anyone type, yes but can everyone offer typing as a service? Typing can be more than just copy typing. Typing can involve creating spreadsheets, equations, figures, graphs, charts etc or even creating graphics. So you need to ask your prospective client what is involved with the typing before quoting.

• Is the typing just plain copy typing, what you see is what you type, is there any tables, graphs, charts as they must then be created, you might have to create a graph or chart in excel and copy it across to word, that is time taking and is not straight copy typing, as you must create the graph etc. Sometimes you might have to scan an image from an book, so that means you need to scan it on a scanner and then resize to insert it into your document, so that is not straight copy typing. You might need to find an image on the Internet, so that will involve research, finding the image. You might have to create a graphic, the client might have drawn an image, maybe a flow diagram, you will need to recreate this in the document this can also involve using graphic software then copy and insert within your document, and also this is very time consuming.

• A client might send you to copy a PDF document for typing. Not all PDF conversion software works nicely when you convert a PDF document into word. You might find you still have to reformat the document this is time taking and often much quicker to just type the document from scratch. Note here the client will know the document is not typed from scratch, they will know you have used conversion software to convert the document and often this is not the quickest route to take.

• You might need to firstly print out what the client has sent you so that you can type from it, it takes time to print out a document, and it costs to print from a printer.

• At the end of your document you need to proofread and perform a spell check, this should be part of your quote or terms and condition; this task must always be done. Make sure you list this so that clients can see that you perform this task.

• Sometimes clients might want their document saved to a memory stick (flash drive) you need to charge for this as it is time taking and you maybe you need to a buy the memory stick.

• If you offer typing as a service make sure you state that you can create graphs, tables, charts, brochures, graphics, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations. Do not assume all typing is simple copy typing, often it is more involved.

• You may need to insert equations, this takes extra time to do this, so make sure you feature this time into the length of time it will takes you to complete the typing.

• You can no longer send large files through email and often you have to make use of Google docs, Dropbox, Send this File etc so make sure that your Internet bundle (capped or uncapped) can cope with offering typing. Files will need to be downloaded and uploaded. A file with graphics, graphs etc will take time to load and is very time consuming loading to Send this File or Dropbox etc, especially if it has more than 20 pages. A large manual with graphics, graphs and flows, a large spreadsheet, a PowerPoint presentation can take a few hours to upload, you have to remember this when it comes to your deadline and getting the work back to the client in time.

• If you contract typing out to a subcontractor make sure you check the work thoroughly and ask the subcontractor to make sure they proof their own work then you double proof the work when you get it back. Often a subcontractor will just do the work and send it back to you and tell you it is proofed, don’t make the mistake of sending it to the client without you doing a proofread and spell check. You are the one the work is sent to from your client and not the subcontractor so it is up to you to make sure you send back a quality document.

• When offering typing services sometimes you will get in tasks that you don’t like doing, maybe lots of figure typing, typing of tables, this can be boring for some, listen to music as you type, this will help the time go a bit quicker.

• When pricing typing the norm is to charge on a per page basis but it can also be done on an hourly rate, whichever works out best for you, is what you offer.

• Authors and students may ask you for a charge per word, roughly you normally get ±750/1000 words to an A4 page at Ariel at a size 12 font.

• If you have a table within the document, check out the other tables within the document, maybe you can just copy and paste your first one and just change the data, this can save you time.

• Know how many pages you can do in an hour, day, or week so that you can let the client know if you can reach their deadline, remember if you have graphics, graphs, charts etc within a document it might take you longer to create these so therefore affecting the time it takes to complete your document.

• Ask for client preferences: fonts, size of text, colour in graphs, flow diagrams, spacing, justification, ask if the client can provide you with the company logo’s/graphics, templates if required. etc.

• Do not take on typing work if you do not know how to do it, you can subcontract it out, if that is the case make sure your subcontract has the experience to do the job.

© Copyright 2012 AMF Typing Services/Tavasa. All rights reserved.

Monday, May 14, 2012

You have been asked by a potential client to type up a manual, they ask you for a quote, what do you do?

It’s easy to quote on something, to just toss out a price, but is that price right. What is involved with the actual task, not all copy typing is simply copy typing like the clients say.

You will often find there can be graphics, internet research that is required, tables, graphs, scanning that is required. You might have to go and find graphics through Google images, and that is time taking, finding the right graphic can be costly using your adsl or 3G.

Often copy typing is not simple copy typing and we need to think of this when quoting for just so much per page for copy typing. There is no reason why a client can’t send you an example if they want the work done properly, if the clients simply refuse and ask for a quote with very little information, is that the client you want you want to work with, as often that work will end up taking a lot of time.

With each quote you need to get as much detail as possible. Find out what the content of the typing actually is. A flow diagram within a document could take you a few hours to do just that one page so is typing at a per page rate really the right way to go on a document that has graphics, flows, tables within. Graphs are time taking, you may have to go into excel and do the graph in there and then import it to your document. Its things like this that takes time. Also don’t forget that after the typing is finished you also must proofread and check that your document is laid out nicely, so make sure you build this time into your quote price

What about when the document is finished and you send it back to the client and the client sends it back with major changes, how do you handle this, do you do it for free or do you put a price to changes. Here I would charge an hourly rate, to cover client edits, some documents can come back and forward a few times and that is taking up your time to do the changes so you can’t really just charge a per page rate for comebacks/editing.

Another thing I never, never send a document back to the client as a PDF file unless that client specifies they want a pdf file. Few clients will ask for this, most clients want a word, PowerPoint or excel file back as sometimes they want to do the changes themselves once the main body of the document is done. Don’t think that sending the document back as a pdf file means that the client will send it back to you for every change they need, they can simple convert it back to a workable file through software available. So this is no guarantee that the work will come back to you.

Always check with the client and ask first will there be updates, changes to the document and how would they like to handle this, have this question on your form of requirements for the client so that it is addressed by the client.

Ask for as much detail as possible that is your right before putting in a quote to any client. Quoting blindly will often backfire on you.

Your comments on the above article are welcome.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mom’s Day

The Perfect Gift for a Deserving Mom (and Dad) Entrepreneur

Give me flowers and trinkets and take me to dinner. All good stuff!

I already own a Kindle(TM) and IPad(TM) and am still loading new programs onto my “Christmas” computer. So, what would really surprise me as a Mother’s Day Gift?

Hint! Hint!

A 3-day, education and networking event I can plug into and attend from the comfort of home.

Online International Virtual Assistants Convention (OIVAC) :

There are only two weeks until the 3-day (Thursday, May 17 through Saturday, May 19) education, training, networking, workshops, and opportunity to meet and greet VAs from around the globe convention.

Tell your gift giver(s) of the stellar lineup of expert presenters, and opportunities to enhance your skills and business acumen, all from the comfort of home and your new “Christmas” computer. He (they) will appreciate and understand wanting convention registration as a much deserved gift. And as an added bonus, there’s a l-o-n-g list of new technologies and best business practices sessions scheduled to help grow and sustain your business.

So drop the hint and tell them this is the “perfect gift”.

Here’s why. You will receive:

• Access to 30+ VA experts over the three Convention days

• 40 different topics to help you grow your business; including presentations on VA services, marketing, business development, technology, tools, sponsor sessions, networking, training, mentoring, etc.

• No travel expenses, no hotel fees, no costly meals, no babysitting or leaving your business behind expenses

• At a minimum, it’s possible to leave the Convention with 35 PowerPoint presentations as a take away from each event to view later, at your leisure and to keep for reference

• Direct interaction with international VA industry leaders, coaches, trainers and other expert business owners

• An audio (mp.3) of presentations supplied to paid attendees after the end of the Convention

• Entrance to Ask the Seasoned VAs panels (formerly called the “Hot Seat” Panel), hear first-hand how Expert VAs manage and grow their business, and get answers to specific questions from YOU regarding YOUR business

• A give-away offered to the attendees by each of the presenters in their individual sessions

• Building Profitable Product Launch Systems for Your Clients! session

• Access to prizes through the International Virtual Assistants Day (IVAD) Celebration

• The Great VA Giveaway Goodie Bag; a stash of resources for participants

• An opportunity to meet and to network with VAs in your niche and target market

• The ability to mingle with coaches and trainers in one place, at one time

• The potential to get leads for new clients, subcontracting work, and ideas for new services you might provide

• A formidable business tax write-off

And much, much, more

All for the Mother’s Day Special Rate of $159.00 (a $399.00 value) for the entire convention.

Value, Value, Value – did we say “Value”?

Register Now:

Consider This

If you enrolled in a ONE HOUR session given by a VA trainer or business coach, individually, you would spend anywhere from $79.00 to $199 and up. The OIVAC provides 40+ hours of value, AND you keep the recordings, Powerpoint presentations, giveaways AND just as important, interact with VAs and expert small business leaders who walk the walk and talk the talk, daily!

This year’s convention has something for everyone – newbies, aspiring, and veteran business owners and Virtual Assistants; even those just kicking the tires.

Mark Your Calendar now to take advantage of a foolproof opportunity to bring your business into the 21st Century by learning from some of the most respected and successful Virtual Assistants in business today.

You’d be foolish not to register for the Convention by May 15th, before this special disappears and the same access costs $399.

In case you’ve missed Conventions in years past or if you haven’t had a chance to drop by the OIVAC site recently, the schedule has been posted.

Register Now:

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wanna Save a Buck? How About $70.00!?

Here's how!

This year, Administrative Professionals are "commemorating 60 years of togetherness and growth" with the annual Administrative Professionals Week, April 22-28. And so, the OIVAC is aligning with the Administrative Professional activities to sponsor an essay contest for all interested Virtual Assistants, and the winner will receive FREE entrance to the Convention (a $299.00 value).

Contest Rules

1. Submit an essay entry of 400 words or less on: "How your prior administrative experience influenced your ability to run a successful, professional virtual assistant business."

2. Submit your completed entry, including your email address, phone number, twitter handle and business url to info @ OIVAC between April 15 and noon EDT, April 27

3. All entries will be posted at OIVAC.

4. Winner will be announced on April 28, 2012 and notification posted on the site at the contest page.

5. Decision of the Contest Committee is final.

Administrative Professionals Week Bonus

Everyone that enters the contest can obtain FULL ACCESS to the Convention at a reduced cost of $179.00 (a savings of $70.00 off our lowest full event cost) PLUS a complete set of downloadable recordings of the Convention.

Of course, for those who may decide not enter the contest, the FULL ACCESS registration cost is $199.00. Downloadable recordings will also be available to you.

So don't delay! Submit your Essay and purchase your ticket between April 15 and 27 to be eligible for the Contest and to benefit from our Administrative Professionals Special.

Click here for more details on submitting your essay and to purchase your seat at OIVAC today.

Check Out the Convention Lineup

You're invited to take advantage of an agenda that has something for aspiring, novice and veteran VAs alike, with access to 19 hours of intense Break-It-Down and Take Action Now Series seminars as well as 29 hours of networking, mentoring, additional training and more.

That's 16 hours a day, over a 3-day period of connecting with and learning from expert Virtual Assistants and other business professionals from around the globe. All from the comfort of your home office and computer. No travel, no hotel, no babysitters...

See For Yourself!

Don't just take our word about the value you will receive; download the VA Industry Conference Comparison Price/Benefits Chart to assess the True Value of attending OIVAC 2012. (add link to chart)

Click here to listen to an interview of Ms. Donna Toothaker as she responds to questions regarding her 3 hour workshop: Learn to Work in the Value-Based Business Model and Stop Trading Hours for Dollars.

Other Break-It-Down Series Seminars include:

• Everything You Need to Get Great Clients - from Scratch, led by Cindy Greenway - 3 hours

• Creating an Authentic Business Plan that Represents You, led by Sharon Williams - 3 hours

• Learn How Infusionsoft Can Help You Grow Your VA Business, led by Sharon Broughton - 2 hours

• Attracting New Business on a Shoestring Budget, led by Sharon Williams - 2 hours

• Introduction to Send Out Cards, led by Linda Anderson - 2 hours

• Wordpress: An Overview, Plugins and Graphics, led by Tina Hilton and Pam Sargant - 2 hours

• LinkedIn Leverage for VAs, led by Jo Saunders - 2 hours

Visit OIVAC for the complete seminar schedule.
And don't forget to take advantage of the Administrative Professionals Special... which runs from April 15 through April 28. You will not see prices this low once this offer is gone. So, if you're gonna do it, you oughta do it now! And make your savings that much more worthwhile. Check it out and signup today!

Last Chance to Nominate a Deserving Virtual Assistant for Awards. Deadline April 15th.

It's your last opportunity to submit nominations for the Janet Jordan Achievement Award and Thomas Leonard Virtual Assistant of Distinction Award.

During the annual, live IVAD  celebration (May 18, 2012), the OIVAC will honor two outstanding VAs with the Janet Jordan Achievement Award and the Thomas Leonard Virtual Assistant of Distinction Award.

Nominated candidates may have built recognition of the industry and/or provided invaluable insight and assistance to their fellow VAs. The OIVAC Steering Committee encourages Virtual Assistants, worldwide, to recommend the name and contact information of a VA who "walks the walk"and "talks the talk". Click here for details about the nomination criteria and to obtain submission forms.

Don't wait and let the deadline pass. Nominate your favorite, deserving VA today!

A4VB AU Upcoming Seminar - May 20, 2012 - 1:00 p.m. (AEST)

Top 5 Technologies You Need to Know to Stay Ahead of Your Clients, with Lisa Cumes of SmartSource. Register to attend this informative seminar by visiting the A4VB AU.

Aussie VA Comprehensive Industry Survey Results

Visit the Alliance Shop for the Comprehensive Results of the 2011 Australian Virtual Assistant Industry Survey. This informative publication that can be used both as a benchmark for professional business growth and also as a tool to develop marketing strategies.

Global Virtual Assistants Week

While you're registering for the OIVAC, take a second now to mark your calendar for the 2nd Annual Global Virtual Assistants Week. May 14 to 19, 2012. Watch for the slate of activities.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

OIVAC St Patricks Day Special

It wasn’t long ago that a lot of us moved our clocks forward, as “Daylight Saving Time” kicked in; we now “gain another hour of daylight” in the evening. That was “our national special” for late spring/summer and into early fall!

Some of you around the world, though, might not have the opportunity to “gain” such an hour, so we at the OIVAC have something for you that’s even better because it “hits you in your pocketbook or wallet”.
At the present time, the OIVAC, which takes place this year from May 17-19, is running a St. Patrick’s Day Special Event price for anyone who registers for OIVAC sessions and presentations between March 16 and March 24.
You will pay as follows:
• 5 seminar package, no specials) - $159.00
• Full Attendance (no recordings) – 189.00
• Full Attendance (with recordings) - $239.00
The Online International Virtual Assistant Convention, known for its cutting-edge presentations and its flair for new and improved events, “kicks off” its 7th Annual Convention, May 17 – 19.
And if you register now, you will save a lot of money, depending upon which “Attendance” option you choose.
We will have a special price for April Fool’s Day, as well, but you will not see these St. Patrick’s Day special prices again, since each month from now until May the “special” prices will increase. Sometimes, by as much as $50!
Besides the usual innovative features and events for which the OIVAC has become to be known, such as the…
• IVAD Celebration,
• VA Hot Seat,
• Seasoned VA Panel,
• networking sessions, and
• more than 25 presenters on a variety of the latest in cutting-edge topics
We’re also offering 19 hours of training through our “Break-It-Down Series Take Action Now” sessions. These sessions alone run 2 to 3 hours each! So get thee on over to the OIVAC St. Patrick’s Day Special page for details. Tickets won’t last long.
But, as they say, if you “snooze you lose” and miss the March 17 start, you can still get the St. Patrick’s Day pricing until March 24!
See details about the Convention, and registration information at OIVAC. Or email info@ if you have questions that are not covered at the OIVAC site.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

OIVAC Special Leap Year Pricing

How about it VAs and other Solopreneurs alike? Are you ready for some new direction? Then listen up! It won’t be long now, and the Online International Virtual Assistant Convention, known around the world for its cutting-edge presentations and its flair for new and improved events, will be “kicking off” its 7th Annual OIVAC VA get-together, May 17 – 19.

And to mark this year’s extra day and Leap Year, we’re offering “special Leap Year Pricing” from February 29 until March 10. So by registering now and purchasing your ticket, you will save as much as $50 to $70; depending upon the “Attendance” option you choose.

Oh sure, there will be specials each month from now until May, BUT, you will not see our Leap Year Special pricing ever again this year. Once it’s gone; it’s gone!

Details of the events are at OIVAC. So click on over there now. And while you’re checking out all the presenters and sessions we’re offering this year, be sure to take advantage of our Leap Year special price:

Pay as follows, if you register now:

5 seminar package (anytime between now and the start of the Convention) no specials - $159.00

Full Attendance (no downloads) - $179.00

Full Attendance (with downloads) - $229.00

Besides the usual killer features and events for which the OIVAC is already known (like

• the VA Giveaway,

• the IVAD Celebration,

• sponsors with new products and technology,

• the VA Hot Seat,

• the VA Panel, and

• more than 25 presenters on a variety of the latest in cutting-edge topics

if you’re paying with a “specials” entry fee, your savings is that much sweeter.

During this year’s Convention, we’re also offering over 19 hours of training through several of our “Break-It-Down Series” sessions.

• Learn to Work in the Value-Based Business Model and Stop Trading Hours for Dollars

• Everything You Need to Get Great Clients

• Creating an Authentic Business Plan that Represents You

• Learn How Infusionsoft Can Help You Grow Your VA Business

• Attracting New Business on a Shoestring Budget

• Intro to Send Out Cards

• WordPress: An Overview, Plugins and Graphics

• LinkedIn Leverage for VAs

So let us see your plastic or use your PayPal now. Tickets are going fast.

And be sure to note that although we have also planned “special event pricing” in

• March (St. Patrick’s Day);

• April (April Fool’s Day) and

• May (Pre-Mother’s Day),

you will not see prices as low as these Leap Year Specials, once this offer is gone.

Our Leap Year special event pricing runs from February 29 until March 10; it expires at midnight March 10 (US, EST)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

OIVAC 2012

OIVAC 2012, the only online convention that you can attend while sitting in your own office. OIVAC is an online convention already in it's 7th year, a convention not to be missed. You can network and meet VAs from across the globe. This is a great learning opportunity for new VAs and established VAs, there is a something there for everyone. Our theme for this year is Innovation - Integration - Motivation.
Innovation: taking the lead or initiative in showcasing ideas to assist with the development of your business.
Integration: incorporate the ideas and newest technologies, processes and services into your business.
Motivation: incite  you to take action to achieve goals throughout 2012 and beyond.
May 17th to 19th.
The convention closes with the celebration of International Virtual Assistants Day, 19th May, this is an event not to be missed, a great networking event and a chance to win prizes.
This convention is a must attend for all VAs. You will learn lots from the workshops and seminars which you can take away and apply within your own job.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Section added

Hi everyone thank you for visiting my blog. I have added a new section/page VA Business Plan Information, I hope you find it helpful. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to leave a comment on my blog, all comments are really appreciated and its great to see that my information is helping.
If you would like to become a follower of my blog there is follow me button on the right hand side.

Compliment to the year 2012 to you.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

OIVAC 2012

Innovate. Integrate. Motivate, OIVAC Convention 2012, 17 to 19 May 2012 Register at

A Low-Stress, High-Value Convention that Efficiently Gives You a Top-notch Learning Experience with Spirited Networking, Up-to-the Minute Training and Motivational Interaction – We Guarantee It! OIVAC 17 to 19 May 2012,

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