Monday, February 22, 2010

Fast response times to Potential Clients

When working as a VA or Transcriptionist one of the ways to get and claim potential clients is by responding very fast. Have your email set to received emails the minute they are sent. As you receive emails asking for quotes, respond as quick as you can or even to a request to use your services, often the early bird will catch the potential client. Clients are impressed by a quick response as it shows you are ready and willing to assist that client.

If you have adsl access then you are able to sit in skype or messenger all day, you have no need to go in and out as these programs barely use any gig space/time. Often clients contact me via skype when a job is urgent, they know they will get a fast response by using this method of communication from me.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Does your clients work all hours or 8am to 5pm?

Your clients working hours will impact on your working hours, so make sure you are both in sync about the hours you work.

If your clients are working all hours and weekends you will be expected to be available these hous also, unless you state different. I am available to suit my clients and all my clients work long hours and weekends, but that is my agreement with them and my preference.

If you want to work 8am to 5pm make sure you let your clients know this and make sure when you look for clients you look for the types of clients that work these hours. Working hours can be very important to some clients when they are looking for a VA or Transcriptionist.

Make sure your hours are part of your working agreement with your client.

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