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T is for Typing - VA Tips and Tricks Blogging Challenge

T is for Typing and that is the basis of my job as a Virtual Assistant. My aim was to open up a business providing typing services and I have been able to do that.

I have always loved to type and I am quite happy to sit for hours on end, days on end typing. I don’t care what I type, from contracts to reports to flow diagrams or business presentations, I am doing the job I love so whatever the typing is I don’t mind doing it.

Everyone wants to do typing from home, but it is not that easy to get into the field and to get ongoing typing. I have made sure that my business name is out there far and wide, I have done the marketing and advertising required and I still do it and network often to show that my business is still running and current.

They key is finding the right clients that provide ongoing typing is to know your niche and target markets, know the types of clients you want to work for, actively look for clients that you can assist, never give up, always be positive. Positivity brings rewards. There is loads of potential clients in the work place, loads of types of clients that can provide you with typing it is just the case of you looking and finding the clients that are the right fit for what you want to do.

Not everyone is computer literate or likes to use computers, some people still like to do things the old fashioned way and write on notepads, not everyone has to like and use Computers, Tablets or Laptops. Not everyone has time and sometimes it quicker to just write up notes here and there as they can and these notes need to be typed up at some point.

When looking for typing work look towards the people who would produce typing, maybe people who write often, maybe people in the training field who produce manuals, reports etc. Look towards Speakers as they need to write notes and produce PowerPoint Presentations. New businesses need documentation they need procedure manuals to run their businesses. There are many clients out and about that need typists it’s just a case of looking and approaching them.

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T is for Tavasa Forum - VA Tips and Tricks Blogging Challenge

T A V A S A - The Transcriptionists and Virtual Assistants of South Africa

Our group was founded in October 2008 by Gaynor Paynter from Typewrite Transcription and Typing Services cc, Cell: +27834424689, Web: and Alison Fourie from AMF Typing Services cc, Cell: +270828713452, Web: Tavasa was formed as there was a need for a VA/Transcriptionist support group within South Africa.

           We provide support for people in our industries
           We bring together a group of professionals who can support each other
           We advertise job leads and subcontractor positions on the Tavasa forum, you are welcome to apply, see link above
           We share our VA and Transcription knowledge with you

Because we like to have immediate access to queries that arise from our members, and because many people in South Africa still find it easier to access email on a regular basis as opposed to accessing an internet browser regularly, our main means of communication is an yahoo group online, email discussion forum, and you can join our group at free membership.

Our aim is the promote the Transcriptionists and Virtual Assistants industry within South Africa and to guide new Transcriptionists and Virtual Assistants to set up their businesses within the industry.

You will feel by belonging to our forum you have now joined the South Africa family of VAs and Transcriptionists within South Africa. All questions are welcome and we would love you to participate and meet everyone. No questions are too stupid to ask as there will always be someone wanting to ask that question. Join us. Send us an introduction email telling everyone what you do, if you are married or single, have children, what services you offer, how you feel about working from home, you will get lots of response saying welcome, our team is very friendly.

I invite you to join our forum: free membership.

Tavasa · The Transcriptionists and Virtual Assistants of South Africa
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