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Available Now: EBook 'How to start up a VA Business". It is full of information on starting your own business and full of tips and advice. A must for newbie VAs! On sale for R110.00. Please email with Ebook as the subject.

Table of Content:
• Welcome to the world of Virtual Assistants
• Tips for Newbie Vas
• Steps to starting up your own Virtual Assistant Business
• Business Plan
• Time Management/Prioritise
• Organise your office and your equipment set up
• Hardware
• Software
• Free software that is available
• Free Antivirus Software
• Your Office
• Services
• Budget
• Business Name and Logo
• Office Documentation
• Copyright protection
• Company Website
• Registering your Business
• Be your own Boss
• The differences between a Personal Assistant (PA) and Virtual Assistant (VA)
• Client Relationships and Pricing
• Here is a rough guide on how to price
• Here is a copy of my pricing guide for AMF Typing Services
• List of Services/Prices offered by AMF Typing Services cc
• Overseas Clients/Pricing
• Transcription/Dictaphone Typing/Transcribing
• Free Practice Files for General Transcription
• Loading Large Files via Email/Internet
• Free Download, Transcription Equipment, from the Internet: (Express Scribe)
• Networking and Marketing
• Freelance Sites (Bidding for projects)
• Your Skills
• Advertising
• Procedure to deal with Clients: (This is how I do it, an example)
• An Entrepreneur by Alison Fourie
• Tavasa – Transcriptionists and Virtual Assistants of South Africa
• A quick word from me

"What a man accomplishes in a day depends upon the way in which he approaches his tasks. When we accept tough jobs as a challenge, and wade into them with joy and enthusiasm, miracles can happen. When we do our work with a dynamic conquering spirit, we get things done."

Arland Gilbert

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