Saturday, March 17, 2012

OIVAC St Patricks Day Special

It wasn’t long ago that a lot of us moved our clocks forward, as “Daylight Saving Time” kicked in; we now “gain another hour of daylight” in the evening. That was “our national special” for late spring/summer and into early fall!

Some of you around the world, though, might not have the opportunity to “gain” such an hour, so we at the OIVAC have something for you that’s even better because it “hits you in your pocketbook or wallet”.
At the present time, the OIVAC, which takes place this year from May 17-19, is running a St. Patrick’s Day Special Event price for anyone who registers for OIVAC sessions and presentations between March 16 and March 24.
You will pay as follows:
• 5 seminar package, no specials) - $159.00
• Full Attendance (no recordings) – 189.00
• Full Attendance (with recordings) - $239.00
The Online International Virtual Assistant Convention, known for its cutting-edge presentations and its flair for new and improved events, “kicks off” its 7th Annual Convention, May 17 – 19.
And if you register now, you will save a lot of money, depending upon which “Attendance” option you choose.
We will have a special price for April Fool’s Day, as well, but you will not see these St. Patrick’s Day special prices again, since each month from now until May the “special” prices will increase. Sometimes, by as much as $50!
Besides the usual innovative features and events for which the OIVAC has become to be known, such as the…
• IVAD Celebration,
• VA Hot Seat,
• Seasoned VA Panel,
• networking sessions, and
• more than 25 presenters on a variety of the latest in cutting-edge topics
We’re also offering 19 hours of training through our “Break-It-Down Series Take Action Now” sessions. These sessions alone run 2 to 3 hours each! So get thee on over to the OIVAC St. Patrick’s Day Special page for details. Tickets won’t last long.
But, as they say, if you “snooze you lose” and miss the March 17 start, you can still get the St. Patrick’s Day pricing until March 24!
See details about the Convention, and registration information at OIVAC. Or email info@ if you have questions that are not covered at the OIVAC site.

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