Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mom’s Day

The Perfect Gift for a Deserving Mom (and Dad) Entrepreneur

Give me flowers and trinkets and take me to dinner. All good stuff!

I already own a Kindle(TM) and IPad(TM) and am still loading new programs onto my “Christmas” computer. So, what would really surprise me as a Mother’s Day Gift?

Hint! Hint!

A 3-day, education and networking event I can plug into and attend from the comfort of home.

Online International Virtual Assistants Convention (OIVAC) :

There are only two weeks until the 3-day (Thursday, May 17 through Saturday, May 19) education, training, networking, workshops, and opportunity to meet and greet VAs from around the globe convention.

Tell your gift giver(s) of the stellar lineup of expert presenters, and opportunities to enhance your skills and business acumen, all from the comfort of home and your new “Christmas” computer. He (they) will appreciate and understand wanting convention registration as a much deserved gift. And as an added bonus, there’s a l-o-n-g list of new technologies and best business practices sessions scheduled to help grow and sustain your business.

So drop the hint and tell them this is the “perfect gift”.

Here’s why. You will receive:

• Access to 30+ VA experts over the three Convention days

• 40 different topics to help you grow your business; including presentations on VA services, marketing, business development, technology, tools, sponsor sessions, networking, training, mentoring, etc.

• No travel expenses, no hotel fees, no costly meals, no babysitting or leaving your business behind expenses

• At a minimum, it’s possible to leave the Convention with 35 PowerPoint presentations as a take away from each event to view later, at your leisure and to keep for reference

• Direct interaction with international VA industry leaders, coaches, trainers and other expert business owners

• An audio (mp.3) of presentations supplied to paid attendees after the end of the Convention

• Entrance to Ask the Seasoned VAs panels (formerly called the “Hot Seat” Panel), hear first-hand how Expert VAs manage and grow their business, and get answers to specific questions from YOU regarding YOUR business

• A give-away offered to the attendees by each of the presenters in their individual sessions

• Building Profitable Product Launch Systems for Your Clients! session

• Access to prizes through the International Virtual Assistants Day (IVAD) Celebration

• The Great VA Giveaway Goodie Bag; a stash of resources for participants

• An opportunity to meet and to network with VAs in your niche and target market

• The ability to mingle with coaches and trainers in one place, at one time

• The potential to get leads for new clients, subcontracting work, and ideas for new services you might provide

• A formidable business tax write-off

And much, much, more

All for the Mother’s Day Special Rate of $159.00 (a $399.00 value) for the entire convention.

Value, Value, Value – did we say “Value”?

Register Now:

Consider This

If you enrolled in a ONE HOUR session given by a VA trainer or business coach, individually, you would spend anywhere from $79.00 to $199 and up. The OIVAC provides 40+ hours of value, AND you keep the recordings, Powerpoint presentations, giveaways AND just as important, interact with VAs and expert small business leaders who walk the walk and talk the talk, daily!

This year’s convention has something for everyone – newbies, aspiring, and veteran business owners and Virtual Assistants; even those just kicking the tires.

Mark Your Calendar now to take advantage of a foolproof opportunity to bring your business into the 21st Century by learning from some of the most respected and successful Virtual Assistants in business today.

You’d be foolish not to register for the Convention by May 15th, before this special disappears and the same access costs $399.

In case you’ve missed Conventions in years past or if you haven’t had a chance to drop by the OIVAC site recently, the schedule has been posted.

Register Now:

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