Friday, February 27, 2015

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Being a Virtual Assistant is about running your own business. Owning your own business, you are not working for someone else. You are not an employee, therefore, you do not use a CV, instead you use a company profile, your website, Linked in, Facebook etc.

You are a business owner, your own boss. You do not work for clients, you work with clients, you do not work for other VAs, you subcontract to other VAs or you can work as an associate in a multi VA practice.

I find a lot of people who want to become Virtual Assistants actually have no idea what a Virtual Assistant is and what we do. We are service companies; we offer our skills and experiences to clients. We work as any business does but we have to do our own bookkeeping, administration, marketing, advertising, networking, fixing our own office equipment etc. We run our business like every other small business, doing the same tasks.
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Definition of a Virtual Assistant, from: AMF Typing Services

A Virtual Assistant is a person who works for many clients, providing office administration tasks, communicates with clients via telephone, email, Skype; we may never meet our clients face to face.
A person who works independently from his/her own virtual office.
An office administration person, with at least 10 years of office experience as a PA/Secretary or Office Manager.
A person who can work alone.
A person with exceptional time management and prioritisation skills.
Someone who can run an office and liaise with clients on an ongoing basis.
Someone with a bit of management experience can learn quickly and who is at ease with software.
We have to be pro-active and assertive, and friendly.
Virtual Assistants are Business Owners, who run their own companies, do their own marketing, networking, bookkeeping etc.
Becoming a Virtual Assistant is a career choice within a worldwide industry.


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