Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Q and A

Are you happy in your business to do subcontracting for a low rate?
Are you looking for clients and only getting the types of clients that want the lowest rates?
What type of clients are you drawing from your website, marketing and advertising?
Are you attracting the right type of clients?
Are your rates to low?
Are you getting any clients contacting you?
Do clients contact you from seeing your website?
After you submit your quote does the client contact you further? How many jobs do you pick up from quotes?

Subcontracting to other VAs your rates will always be low, you will get a percentage of the full price which is usually around 30%, is it worth your while to do this type of work and earn a low percentage of the full rate when you can do advertising, networking, marketing and get your own clients and charge them the full rate, can you make profits in your business doing this.
When you quote what is your gut feel when putting in that quote, do you think you will get that job, do you put in a competitive quote or do you quote the lowest rate for the job in hopes that the client will look for the lowerst rate and go for it. Is this the right way to do things?
Is your marketing content right for the types of clients that you wish to draw into your company, are clients seeing that you could be an asset to their company/s/businesses.
Do you know the types of clients that you would like to work for doing the type of work you enjoy doing.
If your rates are low, why are your rates low, if you are a new VA starting out you do not have to charge low rates, you are doing this job because you have the skill and experience to do the job, you are new to running your own business but your skills and experience go back through your career. So why offer low rates.
Is your advertising being seen by potential clients, ask clients where they found your details. Write good content that will pull the client towards you and not to the other VAs advertising around you. Try to make your content stand out from the crowd.
Your website is your advertising on the internet, it must look good it must draw the client to contact you further. Refresh your content regularly, change your look often, keep your site current and dont let it just sit there. How your website looks is very important, does it portray what you are doing, does it look inviting, do you feel if you were a client would you make further contact or will you just go and look at the next website.
Be careful when submitting quotes, dont go for the lowest rate, contact the client first, ask questions, show interest in what they want you to do, tell them how good you are, put in a competitive quote. Sell your skills and experience to the client, ask them why they are looking for quotes, ask why they want the lowest quote, ask them why they can't give you a go and use your services as you think you are better than the competition out there.

To be continued...

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