Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Virtual Assistant Rates

If you go to a CafĂ© and order a cup of coffee at R10 a cup, you simply pay for your coffee or you go to the Doctor for an appointment at a price of R180 per hour, you don’t tell the Doctor that you have only had 15 minutes and therefore would like the hourly rate deducted down, you simply accept the rate and leave when your appointment is over, you don’t quibble on the price, the same with your coffee you do not ask what it takes to get that coffee, you accept it as it is, coffee does not make itself, a person must use time and make a cup of coffee, boiling water, preparing the coffee, milk and sugar, you use electricity to boil the water it does not boil itself, but we accept the price of that cup of coffee with no complaint about the price. Time costs money.

But when it comes to typing and transcription, you certainly want to know exactly what you get for your money and you want it at the lowest price you can get.

Virtual Assistants and Transcriptionists are like every other business, we have our expenses. It is not just a case of doing your transcription for you, we need to use our listening skills, we have to type fast to keep up with the recording, our grammar and spelling skills need to be used, our sentence construction, punctuation, proofing skills, our concentration and time also costs us money, we use electricity to run our computers and to run our modem so that we have ADSL access to do the clients work. We need to pay for web hosting to have the website that you saw our details on when you were looking for a Virtual Assistant or Transcriptionist. We have costs so that is why we charge the rates that we do as we are like any other business, we have running costs. We cannot run for free or give of our services for free because it costs us to do the jobs we do. Our rates are based on what we need to earn to cover our costs, no business runs without having costs.

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