Friday, May 22, 2009

Arms and Muscle Strain

Arm Injury – Typist Elbow:

This is a stress related injury which affects your arm from shoulder to your tips of your fingers and is very painful. It is muscle strain. Suggestions have been heat treatment, this I find works and is soothing, use the various gel’s on the market, I am currently using Voltaren Gel and its is affective to me.
Ive also been typing left handed when I am right handed, this is not easy, but I get there slowly and have been able to do the work.
Rest, works the best I find, ive been taking pailkillers which also help a lot, the muscles more ache then pains and is awkward more than anything. Getting dressed is difficult, it helps to have someone assist you. Eating is also difficult, I found I did not have the strength in my arm to even lift a knife, spoon, cooking even became difficult, (a few crockery breaks later). Lifting was a nightmare as I could not lift me arm far.

But ive got over this now and I hope it does not happen to me again too soon.

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