Friday, January 31, 2014

VA Tips & Tricks Blogging Challenge 2014 - D is for Dogs

My office companions are my dogs Shaggy and Scooby. They are always with me in my office. They hurry into the office on a morning, so that the first one in, can lie under the desk. There is usually one under the desk and the other either at the side of my chair or behind my chair. Both dogs will stand and growl at each other to argue who gets to be under the desk.

The one thing that Shaggy does not like is when other’s come into my office. He thinks this is his space and mine and nobody else must be in here. He can be very naughty when I have office guests.

Shaggy has eaten and chewed my clients work a few times now (very embarrassing). The papers fall to the floor without us noticing it and when we come to look for the page, here it is on the floor chewed in bits, it’s a favourite hobby of Shaggy.

While we are busy working he will find something to eat and chew from the office, the carpet is mainly his target for chewing, just to be naughty as it means I must talk to him and give him attention while I am busy.

With the dogs being in the office it gives me someone to talk to during the day. I talk my frustration of the day out to the dogs. To me if I had someone in my office I would talk to them so the dogs are here, so I talk to them. If I need to work something out, say build a graphic I will talk to myself how I am going to do it and to me I am not talking to myself I’m talking to the dogs. Does anyone identify with this or is it just me. Some people have cats for company in the office, I have my dogs. Shaggy has took it upon himself to go where I go, he follows me everywhere during the day. I have had to pull my blinds up so that both dogs can watch out of the office window, the blinds are pulled up to above Shaggy’s head so that he does not damage them as he looks through the window, they love looking outside and watching down the street.

My trusty faithful dogs who listen to my daily moans and groans as I work are great company. I never feel alone at work, as I always have the dogs around.




Damaria Senne said...

Dogs are great companions. Glad to hear you have company. I tend to talk to myself, which can be very disconcerting for family when they catch me doing because they answer, and then I end saying, "sorry, wasn't asking you:-)"

Gaynor said...

Yup I am the same as you know. I never want to be without a dog, they are part of the family. My Scooter was trying to get inside the speakers to see where the cat was from your clip. Mine have knocked my speakers over, and chewed through the phone cable. But I love them. Gaynor Paynter

Kelly Williams said...

Hi Ali,

I know exactly how you feel. When I am alone in my office, my cat - Kitten, lays next to me while I work and she is my only ear and shoulder to cry on when something goes wrong. I have even set up a small space for her so that she has her own "office space".

She keeps me sane during the day.

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