Wednesday, January 1, 2014

VA Tips and Tricks Blogging Challenge 2014

A is for Absentmindedness

What is Absentmindedness? It is not easy to explain and not too difficult I hope.

Absentmindedness is the ability to forget something simple that you should know or remember to do, work or other related things. As work is what I do mostly as a VA it is where I forget simple things to do.

Ah! Another day starts what am I going to forget today, with absentmindedness always around you never know what is next. Will I forget my favourite hard space or is it something new, never a dull moment. This phenomenon (Absentmindedness) can strike at any time morning, afternoon or night, it is not picky. Just when you think you have everything under control, it strikes. How to spell this word, do this graph, I just did this type of graph last week. It just doesn’t want to print today; I forgot to put the printer on. I need to fax this page but forgot to plug the fax line in. Simple but absentmindedness creates chaos.

An example for a specific client I need to use a hard space and keep on forgetting how to do it. Easy it is, easy to forget. Especially when you are busy and under pressure. I know it is control shift spacebar, but not at the time.

That small thing called absentmindedness creates this panic to get onto the Internet and ask a VA friend to assist, make me look silly at times, but part of work, maybe it is part of Alzheimer’s or not, who knows.

Solution, make a note and save it for your absentminded moments.

Written 30/12/2013. © Copyright 2014 AMF Typing Services. All rights reserved.



Kelly Williams said...

I have moments like that too - especially on the busy days when I go onto the internet to search for something and within 5 seconds forgotten what I needed to do!

I have shared this on my Facebook page

Thanks Ali

Shawn said...

Absentmindness is a good friend of mine. We visit daily. :) Writing it down somewhere helps if I remember where I put the note. Thanks for a fun read.

Amanda said...

Absentmindedness plagues me when I just have too many things going on. Or the chaos of all my kids being home. I find that creating to-do lists really help me. And for something like the hard space, I would do a post-it right on my screen. Good luck! It happens to all of us.

Heather said...

Hehe, I love this post. It's so easy for that to happen when you start doing something and then something else go wrong! Naargh! Before you know it you forget what the original problem was! Great to know that we are all human!

Damaria Senne said...

Absent-mindedness is an issue for me. That's why I follow a routine when I do certain things ( then when I'm done with one task my mind knows what the next task is). I also note things I need to accomplish in the diary. When I pause in the middle of a job, I can then check the list to see what next. My diary ( has also be set with reminders, so all day I get emails from cozi reminding me to do certain tasks.

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