Wednesday, January 29, 2014

VA Tips & Tricks Blogging Challenge 2014 - D is for Dressing your Office

We sit for hours on end in our offices or office space so why not make that space pleasant to be in. Paint it your favourite colour, drape nice material around your space to make it look nice. Place all your equipment around you so that it is easy to get to, have your files close at hand. Things you use daily need to be close to you.

Make sure you have a comfortable chair as you sit in it all day.

Hang up nice pictures on the walls, have nice family photographs around you. Your office needs to be a pleasant place to work in.

Don’t over clutter your desk, says me whose desk is a clutter mess. You can never have a big enough desk, the bigger the desk the better. Always have Post It notes handy, I have a few packs around my desk, at reach, as I use them all the time.

Put a vase of flowers on your desk. My hubby keeps me up with supply of roses from the garden.

Make sure your children know their boundaries within your office/space. Let them know what they can touch. If you have small children keep some toys, crayons and colouring books, reading books close by, this can occupy them while you are busy.

Let family know when they can interrupt you and when they can’t. The family must also respect the fact that you are working and sometimes you don’t want to be disturbed, especially by teenagers who might want that favourite skirt ironed and they don’t want to do it themselves, teach them independence.

Last year my hubby painted my office a nice bright peach colour, I placed nice pictures on the walls. I have placed another desk in the office so that my desk now has an L shape and I have much more room. Everything is close at hand or within reach. For the first time in years I love being in my office, my office is bright and a happy place to be in.

With our jobs we do spend a good 8+ hours in our offices so our surrounding need to be nice.

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Anne Johnsons said...

Thank you for these tips; they are very helpful for all the Virtual Assistants around the globe. I have always believed that having an organized workplace will make my ideas and tasks organized as well.

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