Monday, July 20, 2009

What are we?

VA-Business Owner/Independent Contractor/Freelancer!
What are you?
I run a company with a name and many umbrellas under that company, I do accounting, marketing, networking, recruitment, deal with contractors, client liaison, debt collection, so therefore as I do all these tasks I am doing the same as any small business, as these tasks must be incorporated into that business therefore I operate as a small business owner which to me is what Virtual Assistants are. I assist my clients with various tasks and I work from a virtual office. So to me this defines what a virtual assistant is and what we do.
I am not a freelancer, if I was all these tasks above would not be incorporated into what I do.
I am not a independent contractor, contracting out my services to other virtual assistants.

Being a virtual assistant is about running a company/business and being the owner of that company/business and also doing the work to assist the clients but being on the same business level.


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zakiyya said...

Good evening.
I read an article in the raising kids magazine and would like to learn more about virtual assistants. Balancing 2 kids in between a career and a home has taken its toll on me and my family. I think I have the skills to make it as a va. Please can you help me try and break into this business.I would really appreciate it.
Thank you

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