Saturday, July 18, 2009

An Entreprenuer

An entrepreneur is a person who has initiative and a sense of inventing.
An entrepreneur is a person who identified a need or a niche in the market and then establishes an organisation to provide the necessary products or services to satisfy such need. This is to the benefit of both the client, who has their needs satisfied and the entrepreneur who makes a profit if the venture is successful.

The entrepreneur is therefore essentially a person who sees an opportunity in the market and thinks of a way to make money out of it.

An entrepreneur’s character:
· Strong leadership qualities
· Good communication skills
· Be creative and innovative
· Be hungry to succeed
· Strong commitment, high energy levels.
· Must be a good manager and apply strong qualities of competitiveness, decisiveness and problem solving.

· Identify opportunities to make money
· Identify the various alternatives available
· Establish plan of action
· Identify possible barriers
· Determine resources and capital that is needed
· Implement an action plan
· Actively look for new ideas on a continues basis
· Put ideas into writing, writing things done makes an idea real and workable
· Research, all the time
· Make time for creative thinking.

An entrepreneur is a brave person who seizes an opportunity and works with it, towards a goal of making money and being successful.

This to me is what a Virtual Assistant can be and work towards being ‘an Entrepreneur’ in his/her industry.

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