Monday, February 24, 2014

VA Tips & Tricks Blogging Challenge 2014 - H is for Housework

I run a full time VA business with many clients, I do not have time for housework, so I have a maid ‘Lettie’ that comes in twice a week, she cleans up, hoovers, irons etc.

I do my own washing, when I get up first thing in the morning, I take the washing basket to the scullery and put in a load, I have a quick program that take 29 minutes, the minute the washing is finished I hang it out to dry, I do this daily and as there is 4 of us we have a lot of washing, especially the teenage kids. I also will turn on the dishwasher every morning. When I finished working in the corporate world I bought a dish washer as I knew it was something I would need if I was to work from home full time, it’s the best buy I ever made. I do, do dishes if there are only a few sometimes, if I have time.

The kids do specific tasks daily, taking turns, they empty the dishwasher, get the washing in off the line, feed the dogs, lay the table for supper, peel potatoes (if we have), these tasks are shared and they do it no problem. This helps me a lot. My hubby cooks the meat and I prepare the veggies and what we are having with, sometimes I just have to prepare and put in little dishes and my hubby will cook whatever I want cooked. If I am going to use my slow cooker then I quickly prepare and turn it on later in the day to cook. Slow Cooker another great buy for a busy work at home mum.

We both work, so we share what we do. We are suppose too make our own beds and if the kids don’t make theirs then it is tough, they sleep in them the way they are, they are big enough to make their own beds and if they don’t want to, that is not my problem. They make their own lunch when they come home from school if they want lunch, they are capable.

We have a routine where everything gets done and by sticking to the routine everything works out great. If I have to work late or work weekends, my hubby will cook the whole supper and see to the kids. If my hubby is home he will prepare lunch for us all. By us working together in the house, I am able to meet deadlines and work extra time if needed after hours.

I always found it very hard to do housework and also to work full time as a VA, it just didn’t work and the housework didn’t get done as work must always come first. So we now have a balanced household and everything works and we all know what we have to do to make it work. Sharing is caring and that is what it is about in our house. Everyone will muck in and help when needed.

How do things work in your household with you working full time as a VA?


Kelly Williams said...

When I moved in with my boyfriend I had to say goodbye to my 'Gogo' who was my maid for 27 years. She did EVERYTHING for me. So I had to get used to this house work thing very quickly.

I have a maid that comes in on a Saturday that does the washing for me. I make sure that before I go to bed everything is clean and its a rule in this house, if you dirty you clean! Some days it works, some days it doesn't.

If I am super busy, my boyfriend cooks for us and forces me to take a time out at night for supper and a bit of tele, if it weren't for him, I would be stuck behind my desk 24/7

Michelle Gibson said...

I'm lucky as I still live at home with my parents whilst I get my business up and running, so apart from the odd chore, I don't have a full house to run. I'll be taking notes of any tips for when the time arises.

Thanks for a great post.

Jan Whiting said...

I am not yet a full-time VA, but I have a full-time job and spend as much time as I can working on the VA business. I must admit, making dinner and doing the housework, its't my priority. It always seems to get put on the back burner.
Thank you for sharing how it works in your house.

Rochefel Rivera said...

I've also made a blog about my normal VA/mom routine and it's quite different. Maybe because I have 2 babies in the house, 3 and 2 years old respectively so chaos is normal. Lol! I have a nanny that helps with the kids but she can't so all the work so we have to help most of the time. I love the idea of working at home so no regrets and still loving it more. Just feel better knowing that somewhere out there, someone is doing the same thing. Thanks for sharing, Alison! :)

Taya said...

That’s great that you have the support of your family. I think this would have made an excellent post for T! Teamwork!

It is a struggle trying to do it all alone. I have the support of my family as well, but I know how hard my fiancé works outside the home. He has an office, but many times, he’ll stay home and work. So, he’ll just tend to the kids and make dinner if he sees the stress lines in my forehead! Ha-ha.

I’ve just started working from home a year now, but feel the pressure often. I admire those who can do it with younger children in the home.

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