Thursday, February 20, 2014

VA Tips & Tricks Blogging Challenge 2014 - G is for Growing your Business

Everybody and everything needs to grow and so your company needs to grow. It is through continual marketing, advertising and networking that your business will grow. You can’t just open up your business and start to work; it does not work like that, ‘You have to do the work to get the work’. Marketing, advertising and networking is always going to be a major part of the life of your business.

You need to grow your client database to bring in enough work to make a profit. Businesses must run making profits otherwise what is the point. Your rates need to be enough that they cover your expenses and that there is a bit left over for profit. You don’t want to just break-even you need to make profits to survive. If you charge low rates and you won’t be in business for long. Often VAs think that if they charge low rates they will draw in many clients, do you want the types of clients that go for the low rates or do you want the type of client that pays you well and appreciates what you and they become regular clients and they know you are a valuable resource to them.

As we grow we need to make sure that our advertising material grows with us. Update your material often, don’t just send out the same advert over and over, create something new each time, maybe boast about a new product you learnt, or a new client you have just got, advertise a new skill you have just learnt, maybe you have joined a new group advertise it., you could interest others to join that group. Send advertisements out regularly.
The same with your website change it often, your website should not look the same today as when you started out, your website grows with you, keep it fresh, updated and keep up with current website trends. If you add new content to your site send out an advert advertising it, send out on your social media platforms and invite people to your site to check it out.

Our businesses have to grow for us to achieve anything, the same as we need to keep up with technology, technology changes all the time, so do we, never let your business go stagnant no matter how busy you are, keep it fresh and ongoing.

I don’t need to advertise for clients, but I do need to advertise to show that I am still in business. Your business name must always be out there to be seen.


Jan Whiting said...

Great tips for growing out business.
Keep everything fresh and up-to-date so your potential client knows you are still in business. I always check the copyright at the bottom of a website to make sure it is current.

Shawn said...

So true. We have to grow to stay alive. Part of that growth is keeping up with the technology in our field. Like you pointed out that is forever changing. Thank you for the reminder of the different ways we need to continue to grow.

Gaynor Paynter said...

And something that I am learning and also that I battle with is not to react to pressurised queries with aggression - I guess this is personal growth - it's best to walk away and come back and calmly educate people. Gaynor Paynter

Damaria Senne said...

From online interactions with you, I've seen your business grow and I must say I'm impressed not only with the way you've grown your business, but with the way you've helped other VAs grow their own businesses.

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