Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Business Opportunity

Just to let you know if you have seen my business listed as a business opportunity, I am not selling this concept, and my business should not be listed like this.
I run a genuine business as a Virtual Assistant and I am not selling this as a business concept. The aims of a Virtual Assistant is to work for yourself from your own virtual office working for genuine clients who need your assistance.
This industry is new in our country but has been around in Australia and USA for sometime. This is a growing industry worldwide.
We provide services like typing, transcription, office administration, secretarial, event organisation, telephone management to companies, clients, businesses worldwide.
The aims of a virtual assistant is to advertise, marketing and network her business to get known in the corporate world as a means to drawing in potential clients. The aims also are to be able to run a small business and assist clients worldwide.

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