Thursday, April 23, 2009

Public Holidays and Weekends

Hi as a VA we often ask what are public holidays and weekend. While working in the corporate world I rarely worked overtime or weekends, here its non stop. If im busy during the week and if by chance ive no work for the weekend then the weekend is spent marketing online but the chances of this are rare as most of the time ive work enough for 7 days a week. Being a VA means being very flexible, working around family and the house. Rarely do I get a public holiday off work, when working for overseas companies they dont have public holidays the same as us here in SA so as they are working. I will be working. The life of a VA is very hectic when you work for many clients that keep you busy

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Damaria Senne said...

Hey Ali
I hope you do get a couple of hours of R& R, even if you're working on Monday.

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