Thursday, September 19, 2013

Working Hours and Deadlines

Before you open your doors to clients you need to know what hours you are going to be working and how you are going to approach urgent deadline jobs/tasks.
I do not run an 8 to 5 business. Not many VAs and Transcriptionist do, we find, we can't do this because we need to be available should our clients need us for urgent work and deadlines. I run my business and work to suite my clients needs. My clients are very important to me and without them I want have this job, so it is important that I work the hours I do.
Clients have deadlines and often these deadlines can impact you with working after hours, weekends, public holidays etc. Its a good idea to decide your working procedures in the beginning, state your business open times, contact times on your website, brochure, in your contract, t & c's. If these details are stated a client viewing your website can see you don't work weekends and if they require this, they can then look elsewhere.
Before you quote a client for a job, contact that client and ask for as much information as possible about the job this included the deadline date and time. Then you know ahead of putting in your quote if you can take this job on or not.
A VA/Transcriptionists working hours are so important to clients.
Sometimes VAs//Transcriptionists can only work specific hours due to maybe having young children, other commitments etc., state this on your advertising material, it is always wise to let your clients know ahead of time of your working arrangements.
Telephone calls are another important item. I don't mind within reason when a client contact me, other VAs/Transcriptionists may only work business hours and want take calls outside of those hours, just make sure you specific your availability as it does affect deadlines.

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