Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Interview Archie de Lara (Transcription Services)

An Interview with Archie de Lara, Archie provides Transcription Services to clients, he is based in the Philippines.

Why did you choose this as a career, do you see this as a career choice?
I choose transcription because I like the nature of the work. I learn different things especially in doing medical transcription. In the Philippines, transcription is a very promising career for higher income opportunity. The fact that it can be done at home also is appealing to me.

Do you work from a home office?
I presently do home base transcription. I also plan to work office based while doing the home based transcription on my extra time.

What do you like about Transcription?
I like to hear voice recordings and be able to come up withe document over that.

What advice would you give to new prospective Transcriptionists out there?
Start transcription career right. Choose the best training and make the most over it. Let your eagerness to learn more about the career lead you to become successful in this field.

What type of transcription do you provide, General, Legal or Medical?
I provide general transcription this time.

What is the most important thing about being a Transcriptionist?
The most important thing about being a transcriptionist is the attitude towards work. Never return an audio file if it is not that discernible. Just notify your client and make the most out of it.

Do you have other plans or are you planning on staying in Transcription?
I plan to stay being a transcriptionist and i would like to become a provider for other transcriptionists.

What are the benefits of doing Transcription in the Philippines?
Transcription services in the Philippines is cheaper and is of high quality.

Do you work for companies overseas outside of the Philippines?
Yes, I work for transcription companies outside the Philippines.

Thank you, regards Ali

My pleasure.
Archie's Blog: http://archiedelara.com/category/about-transcription/

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