Sunday, June 6, 2010

Learn about your Clients

A lot of new VAs think its very daunting that they have to learn how to work with clients, deal with clients. When a prospective client contacts you, after that first initial contact, take the opportunity to then learn about your client, check out your clients website, get a feel for what the company is about, ask the client to let you have a company profile for your records. The more you get to know your client the better the relationship you will have. Ask your client questions about themselves and the company, ask about their interests and ask in which ways can you assist them further than just the work they need doing, your aim should be with each client to start a long term relationship and get regular work from that client. Aim to be there when the client needs you, treat that client as if they are your only client whether they are or not, make the client feel special and let them know you care, this is relevant in establishing a good working relationships with your client/s.

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