Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Advertising to a Niche Market

This is what works for me. I advertise my services to a niche market. When i am going to market my company, i take a service at a time and look for companies, clients, entreprenuers that I think could use this service, I then target them with introduction emails, letters. I then follow up within a few weeks to see if they received my emails or letters and see if they are interested in using my services, if not would they care to pass on my contact details to anyone who they know could use my services. Word of Mouth yet again. This form of advertising brings in client to my business.

To bring in that business, you must make sure your content within your emails, letters is aimed at the client and is showing them how your company can be an asset to them. Using the right wording really matters in good advertising and marketing.

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