OIVAC 2014

OIVAC: Annual International Convention offering education, networking, training, partnering and intra-industry activities between successful VAs, industry member organisations and businesses wishing to connect with the VA community

Our next convention will be held May 2014

OIVAC 2013

8th Annual Online Virtual Assistant Convention
Building business success in the virtual world
16 - 18th May 2013

Managing & Maximizing Your Time

Many entrepreneurs are wasting so much time!
You’re spinning your wheels doing things that aren’t making you any moneyor bringing in any new clients.  You’re even doing some of the very things and marketing strategies that ‘they say’ should be working but yet they aren’t working for you.
Does this sound familiar?
You have so much potential and such a great message or product to share yet you’re not reaching enough people. This is a shame.
Most of the time however this can be fixed pretty easily by watching how you manage your time better.  After all, when you free up some of your time by delegating, automating or systematizing that allows you more time for sales and marketing activities and that’s what brings in new customers and clients!
Many big gurus talk about time management all the time but they talk about the what and why and not really the HOW, the nitty gritty tasks and details of what you should be doing instead.
So here’s the real scoop on how to get more done and how to bring in many more qualified new leads every month into your business.
5 Steps to Managing Your Time Better So You Can Have More Time to Really Focus on Sales and Marketing:
1.  Calendarize Your Life for More Structure
  • Plot fun, vacations, family time and self care into your calendar first
  • Put blocks of time into your days so you can focus on specific projects and tasks
  • Schedule key networking events (local and not) into your calendar next
  • Then schedule clients and business calls or appointments
2.  Organize Your Emails, Paperwork and Files
  • Funnel emails by type or category into folders in your inbox (especially newsletters)
  • Save files, documents, emails for specific projects or clients into folders on your desktop to store, purge files over a year onto a CD to free up storage space
  • Only print what really needs to be printed for serving clients, accounting or other
  • If you must save old client paper files, put them in a box in your garage or office closet but purge them after a year at most
3.  Track and Analyze Your Time and To Dos
  • Keep track of everything you do for business and personal every day 24/7 for a week at least
  • Sort tasks that you do that you don’t like to do, don’t want to do or don’t do well and find someone to outsource them to
  • Do this activity once every 6 months as more things will come up you can pass of.
4.  Hire Help
  • Hire home help for yardwork, housekeeping, running errands, laundry, nanny, shopping, paying bills, cooking meals and more to free up your time for money-making activities
  • Hire assistants for things in the above list that you aren’t good at, don’t like to do or just aren’t getting done that need to get done (like your marketing!)
5.  Systematize Social Media and Follow Up
  • Develop or learn a system on how to reach 250 or more new people every week on social media, interacting with them, not just blasting information to them
  • Develop or model after templates that can speed up your connecting online
Implementing these simple steps can make a big impact on the productivity and profitability of your business.  You’ll also find that you have time for a more enjoyable lifestyle.
Katrina Sawa is an Award-Winning Author, Speaker and International JumpStart Your Biz Coach who’s helped hundreds of small business owners take dramatic steps in their businesses to get them to the next level in business, revenues and their personal life. She offers one-on-one coaching, group coaching and do-it-yourself business-building products. She’s been featured on various news talk shows and radio shows including Oprah and Friends XM Radio. Go online now to get started with her Free Entrepreneur’s Success Kit and other free gifts at www.JumpStartYourMarketing.com/gifts!

Innovation, Integration, Motivation of Professional Virtual Assistants Showcased
During 7th Annual International Virtual Assistants Convention, May 17-19, 2012
Watch this space for news on OIVAC 2013, 16 - 18 May 2013

The 7th annual OIVAC, with a theme, “Innovate, Integrate, Motivate”, runs from May 17-19. Stunning highlights this year include “Break-It-Down, and “Make it and Take It” sessions as well as “VA Hot Seats” and numerous other communication and technology resources Virtual Assistants can implement to rev up their business.

BALTIMORE, MD — (February 26, 2012). February has Super Bowl Sunday with touchdown passes, and chicken wings and pizza; March as St. Patrick’s Day with green beer and leprechauns, April has Easter with egg hunts and bunnies, and May has the 7th Annual Online International Virtual Assistants Convention (OIVAC), May 17-19, 2012, the Virtual Assistant Industry’s online assembly focused on business growth, development, mentorship and networking.

With a theme like Innovate, Integrate, Motivate…and multi-level course offerings, this year’s OIVAC is designed to help VAs navigate the complexities that come with creating and maintaining a profitable virtual business. This year’s convention will challenge participants to think strategically to implement change by addressing three core principles of business growth and development…

• Innovation: taking the lead or initiative in showcasing ideas to assist with the development of your business.

• Integration: incorporate the ideas and newest technologies, processes, and services into your business.

• Motivation: incite you to take action to achieve goals throughout 2012 and beyond.

OIVAC 2012’s agenda includes seminars, training workshops, presentations and exhibits where participants will learn best business practices and how to acquire new clients, to make current clients happy, and to grow the business by leaps and bounds.

“We’re inviting all VAs — from “aspiring,” to “emerging”, to “the veteran” virtual professional to participate in our global VA celebration,” says Williams, http://The24HourSecretary.com, OIVAC Steering Committee Chair, and VA industry champion. She goes on to enthuse, “We also celebrate International Virtual Assistants Day (IVADay), a special event that showcases the accomplishments of extraordinary Virtual Assistants who best exemplify our creed: Dedication, Experience, Expertise and Determination to Succeed (DEEDS).”

As with previous years, “This year’s Convention has something for everyone — and is completely accessible from the comforts of a home or office,” says Williams.

Join sponsors Alliance for Virtual Businesses (www.allianceforvirtualbiz.com), BeMyVA.com (www.bemyva.com) and SBTV.com in supporting the Virtual Assistant Industry. For more information and to register visit http://oivac.com or contact info @ oivac.com.


About Online International Virtual Assistants Convention

Virtual Assistants or VAs are independent entrepreneurs who work remotely and use the latest online technology, computers, printers, communications devices, social networking resources and the like to deliver professional administrative, creative, managerial, technical, business back-office and/or personal support services to busy clients.

OIVAC is an International Convention of Virtual Assistants providing learning, training, networking and information-sharing experiences conducive to the hectic schedules of work-at-home and virtual entrepreneurs. For more information, contact info @ oivac.com or visit the website.

Press Release: 29th February 2012

OIVAC 2012, the only online convention that you can attend while sitting in your own office. OIVAC is an online convention already in it's 7th year, a convention not to be missed. You can network and meet VAs from across the globe. This is a great learning opportunity for new VAs and established VAs, there is a something there for everyone. Our theme for this year is Innovation - Integration - Motivation.

Innovation: taking the lead or initiative in showcasing ideas to assist with the development of your business.

Integration: incorporate the ideas and newest technologies, processes and services into your business.

Motivation: incite you to take action to achieve goals throughout 2012 and beyond.

May 17th to 19th

The convention closes with the celebration of International Virtual Assistants Day, 19th May, this is an event not to be missed, a great networking event and a chance to win prizes.

This convention is a must attend for all VAs. You will learn lots from the workshops and seminars which you can take away and apply within your own job.


Contact: Sharon Williams

Tel: (410) 521-7001

Fax : (888) 254-7636

E-mail: info @ oivac.com